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faience amulets

fake Bronze Hathor Pectoral

Bronze Hathor Pectoral

fake Selkhet Hand

Selkhet Hand

fake Faience Kohl Vessel

Faience Kohl Vessel

relief carving
oil lamps
canopic jars
burial masks
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fake Votive Wine Cup Vessel

Votive Wine Cup Vessel

fake Sehkmet Faience Plaque

Sehkmet Faience Plaque

fake Kohl Vessel

Kohl Vessel

fake Tutankhamun Ankh Plaque

Tutankhamun Ankh Plaque

fake Offertory Vessel

Offertory Vessel

fake Wine Cup With Hieroplyphics

Wine Cup With Hieroplyphics

fake Faience Cartouche Seal Ring

Faience Cartouche Seal Ring

fake Painted Wooden Funeral Barge

Painted Wooden Funeral Barge


fake Wooden Coffin Panel

Wooden Coffin Panel

fake Brown Seal With Cartouch

Brown Seal With Cartouch

fake Double Ankh Offertory Amphora

Double Ankh Offertory Amphora

fake Cosmetic Kohl Vessel

Cosmetic Kohl Vessel

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