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real canopic jar 1l

New Kingdom Period. 1567-1304 B.C. Prewitt/Allen Archaeological Museum (USA)


Egyptian canopic jar

Christie's. December 2005. Limestone canopic jars. Third intermediate period, circa 1070-712 B.C. Lids in the form of the Four Sons of Horus, Duamutef (jackal), Hapy (baboon), Qebehsenuef (hawk) and Imsety (human). Tallest: 35'6 cm. Estimate: $80,000


Egyptian canopic jar

A canopic box and jars from the the tomb of a priest of Monthucalled Pady-imenet. From the 22nd Dynasty. Luxor Museum. Egypt.


real canopic jar 2

Sotheby's. November 2005. Pair of Egyptian alabaster canopic jars from the 19th Dynasty, 1292-1240 B.C. One is 16 1/2 inches high and the other 16 3/16 inches high. It sold for $60,000.

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