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Sold on eBay by seller "BK"
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Ended: Jan-07

Ancient Egyptian usahbti amulet 2" tall. Dating is the Late Period 700 BC suggestive. From the early days man has protected himself with the use of amulets, an object imbued with mysterious and magical powers. Amulets may come and go in fashion over the years but their purpose endures. Amulets provide people with health, luck, fertility, power, success and just about any other need. To ancient Egyptians these needs were controlled by the forces of good and evil. Prayers, offerings and sacrifices were offered to the good spirits to grant blessings, amulets stopped the evil spirits from taking them away. Originally amulets were only natural objects. But as civilizations progressed amulets were fashioned into animal shapes, symbols, seals, rings and plaques. . These items were imbued with magical powers and inscriptions of powerfull spells.

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