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Ancient Egyptian " Ushabti with Winged Scarab "

Sold on eBay by seller "A"
Winning bid: US $46.00
Ended: Nov-29-06

The above listed item is from the Late period(715-332B.C.E.). This "Servant of the Afterlife" has a Winged Scarab with a double Ureaus(cobras) and Aten Sun Disk. The item is intact except for a an age crack on reverse. It has retained most of its blue green faience glaze, has age wear and areas of patina. The reason for the item being available is due to the vast extent of old archeological findings, thousands of years in Egyptian burials and also the proliferation of these said items in private collections worldwide. Ushabtis are one of the most popular Egyptian collectibles, they are a good investment, long lasting and a true example of the Egyptian funerary culture. Our company strives to provide our customers with the most interesting, unique and quality Egyptian Items! Our company spends a great deal of time researching and investing monies on private acquisitions to make these items available to you, at a low auction price. We continuously work at improving the quality and variety of our merchandise. We take pride in making your purchases exciting and gratifying! We are a golden powerseller and take pride in our record for customer service, We always do our best to make all of your transactions easy and comfortable. Our ideal is to offer our customers every opportunity to acquire an Egyptian anitquity without the high end gallery price tag. Know that we stand firmly behind all of our fine products, guarantee and easy return policies. You have nothing to lose so, Bid with the Utmost Confindence!"


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