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Egyptian - Hollow Faience Overseer Ushabti

Sold on eBay by seller "K"
Winning bid: US $XXX
Ended: Dec-16-06

Up for auction is an ancient Egyptian “Hollow Overseer Ushabti with Hathor Goddess" from the Late to Ptolemaic Period (660-30B.C.). An authentic tomb relic that was cast from clay and faience glazed. The displayed photos show a large hollow Overseer Ushabti wearing a Nemes headdress holding a hoe and flail. On the front is a standing Hathor goddess wearing a horned Aten solar disk crown. Hollow Ushabtis usually contained a papyrus with an incantation from the “Book of the Dead”. This wonderful funerary specimen has retained much of its blue green crackled glaze. It has the appropriate and attributable wear. Dimensions 8.5” in height, 3.0” in width and 2.25” in depth. Our Egyptian antiquities always have the appropriate age wear, conducive to artifacts considered as ancient relics. Epochal incrustation, surface rubbing, age cracks, earthen or mineral encrustation artifacts adhering over time will be evident to any experienced antiquarian, museum expert or scholar. We scrutinize all of our bronze, wood or stone sculptures, clay cast statuettes, Gesso covered, painted and faience glazed pieces. We will never knowingly offer a 20th Century cement or clay cast item that's covered with cinder or fecal matter and pass it off as an ancient piece. We have been selling Egyptian items on Ebay for many years. There are many dealers on Ebay blatantly selling recent replicas as Egyptian antiquities. These sellers do not differentiate the recent reproductions from antiques or vintage, let alone from antiquities. Our reputation is important and paramount to us. Our aim is that you are informed and thoroughly satisfied with your purchase. We have several knowledgeable and experienced sources to screen our entire inventory. We do our utmost to categorize and properly list the ancient, antique and vintage items prior to auction. Our Egyptian antiques and antiquities are guaranteed to be authentic! Please examine the photos and listing descriptions carefully before placing any bids. Queries are welcomed and recommended prior to bidding. Know that you will always be treated as a client and not as a one time customer or buyer. Our mission is to be reputable and advise you in making an informed decision on your acquisition. We want your buying experience to be pleasurable and your purchase to be cherished for a lifetime.



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