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Wholesale Deal,Lot of 57 Ushabti & 10 Scarabs

Sold on eBay by seller "BH"
Winning bid: US $541.00
Ended: Nov-05-06

Item general information:

Origin: El Menia / Upper Egypt

Ushabti X 20 Height (15cm) Width (5cm)

Ushabti X 20 Height (10cm) Width (4cm)

Ushabti Height (7.5cm) Width (3cm)

Scarab X 6 Height (10cm) Width (7cm)

Scarab X 4 Height (7cm) Width (4.5cm)

Item condition: Please refer to the pictures above

About us & customer service: Egyptian Deals is a registered company established since 1995.. The items we sell, reflect part of Egypt’s rich history, and each piece is part of that history. To maintain our reputation of excellence, each piece has been carefully selected andpreserved.. Our company has always aimed to provide the highest level of service to our customers.All our items are delivered on time and packaged with care. We offer an after sales service, from our office in London. Our customer service contact NO and opening hours as follows ( UK office ). We send the certificate via normal mail and not with the item to avoid any customs issues.

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