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Ancient Egyptian Faience Ushabti Brilliant Blue Glaze

Sold on eBay by seller "G"
Winning bid: US $102.50
Ended: Oct-06-06

Ancient Egyptian Faience Ushabti Tomb Figure Unusual Appearance Funerary Equipment! Your bidding on an Excellent auction for an Ancient Egyptian Ushabti with excellent details. This ushabti is from the Third Intermediate period to Late Period and shows a male figure wearing a kilt, one hand holds his tools for work in the afterlife while the other hand rests at his side. He wears a wig and has a very unique appearance with a brilliant blue glaze coating this remarkable piece. Pictures dont do this one justice as it has a very lovely appearance and style. You will not find another auction like this so bid accordingly. Please examine all photos provided. As always sold to the highest bidder!


From Yahoo Ancientartifacts Group:

M: Style is correct, but the glazing coat... definitely, that's not
faience. You can find thousands of fake amulets and shabtis with the
same *faience* in Luxor.


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