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Look! Rare Wood Ancient Egyptian Lion God Mahes Sekhmet

Sold on eBay by seller "G"
Winning bid: US $77.00
Ended: Jul-14-06

What a neat item for that Ancient Worlds lover. This is a neat Egyptian Ushabti with a very unusual appearance. This ushabti is carved from wood and shows Lioness Goddess Sekhmet mummified holding the crook and flail. There are hieroglyphics on the body of this ushabti carved into the wood and detailed with black pigment. The face is quite beautiful and also accented in black pigments. Sekhmet wears the Nemes headdress and is in excellent condition despite its age. This is a very interesting and 1 of a kind piece. This piece is much more pretty than photo's reveal! As always sold to the highest bidder!. This unusual piece measures 10" tall by 3" wide {inches}. Third intermediate to Late Dynastic Dating.


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