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Ancient Egyptian Royal Shabti .“ Circa 1184 -1153B.C. ”

Sold on eBay by seller "F"
Winning bid: US $66.01
Ended: Nov-08-05

We have been collecting and taking care of since 1920 in Upper Egypt. We have contacts with other dealers and collectors in various parts of the world, those dealers have been working in this business as well since a very long time ago, we do our best to provide the most accurate dating and time frames on our pieces. We don't guarantee this items exact age as we don't have Carbon Dating, nor chemical analysis Abilities therefore we can not verify the exact age, time frame of our items are suggestive, For this reason we start with only 0.01cent and with no reserve! Since we are a collector ourselves we take pleasure in share the items we have. There are probably things that we didn't know to include in the item description that could be helpful to you in making an accurate evaluation of items significance.

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