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Huge Rare Ancient Egyptian Ushabti Wood Tomb Figure

Sold on eBay by seller "G"
Winning bid: US $149.00
Ended: Nov-14-05

Funerary Equipment with Ghostly appearance!.Dates Third intermediate period. What a neat item for that Ancient Worlds lover. This is a wonderful Ancient Egyptian Ushabti with an unusual appearance. This extremely large piece is carved from wood and would have been used as an over'seer Ushabti or simply a tomb figure. This piece has a white coating, probably to protect the wood which is called Gesso. Carved completely from wood this piece shows a somewhat lopsided face with protruding facial features and a long hair. The figure appears mummified with arms crossed at the chest and wears an elaborate fancy jeweled necklace. Pictures dont do this one justice as it has a very striking and unusual appearance. You will not find another one like this so bid accordingly.Please examine all photos provided. This piece is a real beauty! As always sold to the highest bidder!. 17" by 4" inches.

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