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Sennefer and Senay

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Ancient Egyptian Sennefer and Senay, 18th Dynasty
Winning bid: US $305.00
Ended: Aug-25-05

Ancient Egyptian Sennefer and Senay, 18th Dynasty
On auction is an ancient Egyptian prince Sennefer and princess Senay setting with they daughter, very good details and very cute hieroglyphics in the back.

These marks are not hieroglyphs.....they are just odd shapes and squiggles!.
Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty. It is a very attractive, rare and very hard piece to find. We acquired this item many weeks ago from a private collection and we're told that this item was found in Lower Egypt.
You must ..BID NOW..BID NOW..BID NOW.. and DON'T LOSE The Opportunity To Acquire This Piece!

Information about "Sennefer and Senay"
Sennefer was a mayor of Thebes in the second half of the 18th dynasty. He wears the massive gold necklace of honour presented to him by the king as well as the heart shaped amulet, insignia of his office. This statue shows Sennefer as a middle-aged man with sagging a breast and rolls of fat on his torso as an expression of well-being and prosperity. Senay, his wife, who held the title " royal nurse " is seated next to her husband while one of their daughters, Mut-Nofret, is represented standing between their legs. Note here the serenity of their faces and the love that unites them, expressed by a tender embrace.
All entirely true.

Period : Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty
Origin : Egypt, Upper Egypt, Thebes
Material : Hard Stone
Physical : 6.5/8 inches Tall (17 cm), 3.4/8 inches Wide (9 cm) and 3.5/8 inches Depth (9.3 cm)
Weight : 3.5 lbs - 1.6 kg
Estimation Value : $4500 - $5000

$35 !! If the original piece was available on the market I suppose it could command a price of around $5-10 million.

Our Company :
We are a Golden Ebay Powerseller and take pride in our record for customer service. Our ancient Egyptian antiquities are purchased from dealers who have worked in this field since 1978. (they are making deals with a lot of Men who works in Excavation sites in the land of Pharaohs), We routinely purchase from these dealers.

It has been illegal since 1982 (and a serious offence indeed!) to export any antiquities from Egypt.
They always have genuine, high quality and remarkable antiquities that we in turn, offer to you. If you have any question regarding the items offered , please feel free to ask before bidding. All sales are final, We have got all information from our trusted antique dealers, and the timeline set on our items is to be used as a guideline for the above period listed.
But a confusion between "New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty" and "last year" is NOT ACCEPTABLE!.


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Sennefer and Senay
Shop price: US $38.95

This image is of bookends. They are about the same size as the "thing" (17 cm.) .


See the authentic sculpture:

sennefer and senay


Sennefer and Senay, 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom
Gray granite, 120 cm high
Egyptian Museum, Cairo

I think that you will see right away what aesthetic mastery the Egyptians achieved!
They simply did not produce UGLY THINGS.
This is one of the very few Egyptian works of art ever to be signed by its artists, Amenmes and Djed-Khonsu, whose names can be read in the vertical inscription on the left hand side of the seat.


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