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God Bas - Bastet "Head Of Cat"

Sold two times on eBay in one month (height: 15 cm.)

fake statue 4b


Rare Ancient Egyptian Bastet "Head Of Cat"

Sold on eBay by seller "C"
Winning bid: US $560.00
Ended: Oct-27-05

On auction is an Egyptian Hard Stone God Bastet "Head Of Cat", Egypt, Late Period, Dynasty 26. It is a very attractive, rare and very hard piece to find. We acquired this item many weeks ago from a private collection and we're told that this item was found in Lower Egypt.



fake statue 4a


Ancient Egyptian "Huge Bast Head Goddess"

Sold on eBay by seller "A"
Winning bid: US $209.38
Ended: Oct-11-05

The above listed item is from the Late Period (715-332 B.C.E.). The Bast goddess reached her zenith of worship during the Late Period and many statues were created to venerate this popular deity. It is intact to perfection, has slight surface age wear and is covered with an exquisite ancient patina. This is an incredible piece and an egyptian collectors dream! The reason for the item being available is due to the vast extent of old archeological findings, thousands of years in Egyptian burials and also the proliferation of these said items in private collections worldwide.



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God Bas - Bastet


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