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Ancient Egyptian scarab

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Ancient Egypt 14 Dynasty Royal Name Scarab 1650 BC.

Scarab of the Pre-Hyksos late Middle Kingdom, XIV Dynasty, Very Fine Scarab "Beetle," with deeply carved leg line; some original brown dirt still adhering in beetle's head and thorax lines and around edges; also in design; carved wings and thorax of beetle. Unusual: has an additional line down the back, to the side of the wing line. This scarab is typical of the later Pre-Hyksos period and style. If it is Hyksos, it is early 15th Dynasty. As this name is still not found anywhere by mys studies years ago, you may be the lucky one to some day open an academic journal and discovery you have a great rarity. A fine example of ancient Egyptian scarab seal / amulet technology of the LATE Middle Kingdom Dynastic period. Height = .3 Inches, Length = .7 Inches

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