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Egyptian Faience Scarab

Sold on eBay by seller "J"
Ended: Nov-01-05

The auction lots offered have been obtained from Estate sales ,yard sales, Flea markets or in trades from other antique dealers with no C.O.A. unless otherwise stated. Bid only if you are confident in your own expertise as this is an absolute auction."THE DESCRIPTION OF ALL OUR AUCTION LOTS IS BASED ON INFORMATION OBTAINED BY ME BASED SOLELY ON THE PHOTOGRAPHIC APPEARANCE OF THE ITEM (S) WITHOUT ANY THIRD PARTY OR EXPERT AUTHENTICATION OR INSPECTION “, but this description cannot and must not be relied upon by any buyer or bidder as a material representation of fact or as accurate or factual as to the culture, condition, value or dating, and is not, nor may it be construed as a representation of fact thereof, as “I HAVE NO PERSONAL FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE OF THESE ITEMS OR THEIR CULTURE , CONDITION VALUE OR DATING “EXCEPT AS SPECIFICALLY STATED HEREIN “. This auction lot is sold AS_IS and WHERE_IS,” and all “SALES ARE FINAL” . Absolutely no refunds or exchanges will be made. If you require inspection, examination, authentication or evaluation before bidding or buying or taking title to and/or possession of this auction lot, “DO NOT BID” on this auction.


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