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Superb huge Ancient Egyptian SCARAB "23rd dynasty B.C."

Sold on eBay by seller "BD"
Winning bid: US $305.00
Ended: Apr-21-06

Description: You are bidding on alabaster SCARAB, Found in pharaohs tomb at Valley of the Kings LUXOR, detailed with hieroglyphic inscriptions, made from Alabaster during the 23rd dynasty, this piece is totally intact, no repairs,but carries some dirt on it due to having withstood hundreds of years of weather conditions. However, this dirt does not detract from the value of the piece in any way.shows long age wear. very rare, the details are very fine and do not show fully on the pictures as you see, This is a superb piece of the greatest civilization known to man that you will possess for a small fraction of the original value. Size Tall 3 2/8 inch ( 8 cm) x wide 2 3/8 inch ( 5.6 cm). you may not found another piece like this anywhere, Start your own collections today BID NOW. Unconditional guarantee for authenticity and to be genuine.


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