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Pretty Ancient Egyptian Faience Votive Wine Cup Vessel

Sold on eBay by seller "G"
Winning bid: US $52.50
Ended: Feb-04-06

Rare ancient egyptian Blue Faience Votive vessel/Cup With Hieroglyphics. What a neat item for that Ancient Worlds lover. This is a wonderful Litte Ancient Egyptian Faience cup with a light blue glaze.This marvelous piece has a hieroglyphic inscription on the front and appears to be in excellent condition with a tiny chip in the lip of the cup. Due to the small size of this object it is most surely made to be a Votive or Offering cup. This is a truly rare and wonderful find and appears to date Third Intermediate Period ( 945-715 Third Intermediate Period Dynasties 22-23) . Please examine the photos to see what a wonderful vessel im offering.As always sold to the highest bidder!.

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