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Ancient Egyptian Large Pectoral Amulet Eye of Horus

Sold on eBay by seller "G"
Winning bid: US $96.95
Ended: Nov-02

Ancient Egyptian Large Faience Pectoral Commemorative Plaque Eye of Horus
RARE AUTHENTIC BEAUTY. your looking at an extraordinary piece of Ancient Egyptian Civilization and history. This auction is for a marvelous faience commemerative pectoral plaque Amulet. This beautiful piece would have been strung on an elaborately beautiful necklace and used as a breast plate. This might have been used in the living or used on a mummy placed inside the linen wrappings. The remarkable piece shows the Eye of Horus along with a vulture representing Goddess Nekhbet and a Ureas Cobra. Made from faience with a pretty blue color, small suspension holes exist to the piece for stringing should winning bidder desire. This is a rare high value royal piece. This apears to date Third Intermediate period to Egypts Late period. This is an authentic egyptian item and winning bidder will marvel at the beauty and power behind this amazing piece of Ancient Egyptian Royal jewelry! Bid now to avoid missing your chance!

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