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Full set of Four faience ancient Egyptian Canopic Jars

Sold on eBay by seller "E"
Winning bid: US $723.00
Ended: Apr-24-06

you are Bidding on Rare faience full set of canopic jars from the late Period ,reflects black Hieroglyphic details on each one from book of the dead, have been used as funerary equipment/tomb equipment to hold the body organs. These jars include the 4 sons of Horus. God Hapi the baboon headed god whom was guardian of the lungs, Qubsenuef God and Guardian of the intestines, Duamutef God and Guardian of the Stomach, and Imsety God the protector of the Liver. made from faience and black Pigment. During the Late Period. purchased from An antique dealer. ' Culture - Period ---> Egypt, Late Period, Dynasty 27. 'Appearance dating ---> 525 BC–404 B. ' Provenance ---> Land of the Pharaohs Egypt, upper Egypt. ' Size ---> Duamutef jar: 15.6 cm ( 6 1/8 inch)x circumference 23.2 cm(9 1/4 inch). Hapy jar: 14 cm (5 1/2 inch)x circumference 24 cm(9 1/2 inch). Imsety jar: 14.7 cm ( 5 3/4 inch)x circumference 24.7 cm(9 3/4 inch). Qubsenuef jar: 14.2 cm ( 5 5/8 inch)x circumference 24.3 cm(9 5/8 inch). ' Composition ---> faience and black pigment.

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