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Complete Set of Ancient Egyptian,Canopic Jars

Sold on eBay by seller "A"
Winning bid: US $2,162.00
Ended: Feb-07-06

The above listed item is from the Late Period,(715-332 B.C.E.), 26th Dynasty as a guideline. These "Canopic Jars" were clay thrown, detailed in paints and faience glazed. We acquired these lovely rare pieces from a select private collection and its provenance is Alexandria, Egypt. Depicted are the four sons of Horus that were gaurdians of the dead. The Canopic Jars listed have the heads of Qebeshennuf the falcon, Duamutef the jackal or dog, who guarded the stomach, Hapy a baboon, who protected the lungs, and Imsety the human who guarded the liver. These particular and unique stemmed vessels were originally set into a wood or stone composite base, then later placed into the tomb of the deceased. These precious relics are inact, have retained some of their faience glaze and they have age wear. The reason for the item being available is due to the vast extent of archeological findings, thousands of years in Egyptian burials and also the proliferation of these said items in older private collections worldwide. Material: Clay, Faience Glaze. Dimesions: Height:16.8cm Width:7.4cm Depth:7.4cm. (1 inch = 2.5 cm). Our company strives to provide our customers with the most interesting, unique and quality Egyptian artifacts! Our company spends a great deal of time researching and investing monies on private acquisitions to make these items available to you, at a low auction price. We continuously work at improving the quality and variety of our merchandise. We take pride in making your purchases exciting and gratifying!. You have nothing to lose so, Bid with the Utmost Confindence!".

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