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Ancient Egyptian Royal Clay Mummy burial mask Queen

Sold on eBay by seller "G"
Winning bid: US $103.50
Ended: Mar-31-06

Rare ancient egyptian Wood carved Face or Portrait of A Pharaoh. 3 days only. This is a wonderful Ancient Egyptian Pharaonic portrait. This face was fashioned from a piece of wood which appears to be very very worn. The face is that of a male,round full with high cheek bones, wide almond shaped eyes, small nose and pursed lips. This appears to be fashioned after a pharaoh as the Nemes and cobra are worn as well as false beard. This portrait is more fantastic than the photo's show and winning bidder will marvel at its power and beauty. Please examine all photos provided. As always sold to the highest bidder!. This superb piece measures 4 1/4" tall by 4" wide by 3 1/2Depth{inches}.

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